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Bridging Loans CRM

Bespoke CRM Systems

Full Integration

  • Fully integrated Bridging Loan sourcing with Twenty7Tec.
  • Fully integrated automated sourcing service which transfers the data directly from your application into Twenty7Tec's services, all products will be returned directly to the CRM with no need to leave and use another system.
  • Bank statement retrieval via Mogo Plus API.
  • Get digital copies of your client’s bank statements as well as categorised breakdowns of your clients spending habits perfect for accurately completing expenditure sections of your application.
  • All information is sent securely direct from your client’s bank system via the Mogo plus API which can be stored against your application automatically.
  • Single-use connection using 2048-bit RSA encryption with no storage of log-in credentials.
  • MOGOPLUS has passed security assessments conducted by major banks, global consulting firms and 3RD-party IT and security consultants.

Graphical Wallboards

  • Graphical wallboards with your companies logos and colour scheme.
  • Decide what data you need displayed and how you need it displaying.
  • Viewable on TV screens & monitors.

External Portals

External portals linked to main system are available offering secure access to the data and functionality you want to provide.

Client Portals

Give your clients direct access to their application and allow them piece of mind of securely transferring their documents and personal information direct to your CRM

  • Secure document request and transfer
  • Client messaging
  • Request a call feature
  • View policy documents

Network Portals

Give your network access to all the information they need in order to fully meet their requirements. Allows individual compliance scoring of applications which can then be transferred directly to CRM performance reports

  • Access to all cases
    • View application details
    • View documents
    • View case notes
  • Compliance scoring

Introducer Portals

Give your introducers direct access to add new business as well as track the progression of cases added to the system showing them key information such as conversion rates.

  • Pass through new business
  • Track case progression

Broker Portals (B2B)

  • Send in new applications
    • Twenty7Tec Sourcing can be included
  • Track Case Progression
  • View case requirements (outstanding documents etc)
  • Messaging to brokers

Telephony Integration

  • Telephony integration into one of our currently installed telephony providers or integrate with your current supplier via bespoke integration services.
  • Allows for one click calling to your clients, introducers or lenders.
  • Full call logs and call outcome tracking each individual call is stored timed and has the call recording directly attached with a one click playback facility*.

Reporting Suite

Full bespoke reporting suite, allowing for custom reports showing you the data you need to run and manage your business at the click of a button.

ECRMs report builder allows you to choose your filters and build a unique report showing you exactly the data you want to see.

  • Application tracking reports giving you a case by case breakdown of all applications that meet your request parameters.
  • High level business reporting giving you a grouped breakdown of how your applications are progressing throughout your pipeline of applications.
  • User performance reports showing how each member of your team is performing to your set KPIs and targets.
  • Call performance reports breaking down per user the key stats such as number of attempts, average call time, total call time as well bespoke rules such as number of cases progressed to next stages of application from those calls.
  • Introducer performance reports breaking down how successful the leads from each introducer are by monitoring the progression of their cases against all other introducers.
  • Lender reports breaking down where your sales are coming from and comparing lender spread throughout your business or individual users.
  • Financial reports breaking down income showing you key information such as COA, income received, outstanding income and potential pipeline income.

Task Management

Task Management system for case progression

  • Automated tasks throughout your process flow – as your case progresses key triggers can automate set tasks against an application to ensure the correct follow-up measure are made to keep the application moving forward.
  • Manual tasks set by the individual for either application level or personal appointments to ensure nothing is forgotten.
  • Individual CRM hub containing a todays tasks area for quick access to a real time to do list ensuring all cases are being progressed as expected.
  • Management task overview to see individuals’ tasks lists or the company as a whole. This allows for management of individual user’s caseloads and re management in the event of absence.

Dynamic Data Capture

A bespoke data capture area for you to capture all relevant application:

  • You can choose how the CRM works for you by choosing your style of data capture:
    • Single application – Data capture for the purposes of a single application. One property one fact find that will be used from new lead to completion.
    • Multi product application – Data capture for the purpose of one fact find used to sell several products such as Loans on different properties or pairing with Protection or GI products at the same time.
    • Client application with full portfolio – Designed to store a client record and then individual applications all linked back to create one client portfolio of individual products sold throughout the lifetime of the application.

All fact finds are bespoke to the fields you want to capture but usually include but are not limited to the following:

  • Applicant details – basic applicant details such as names, DOBs, contact information. Dynamically add as many applicants as required for the application.
  • Address Details – Store 3 years address history for each of the applicants.
  • Employment Details – Store 3 years employment history including incomes and payment frequencies to help build the income file.
  • Existing Properties and mortgages – store the existing portfolio of any properties currently owned by the applicants.
  • Liabilities and credit commitments – store the liabilities and credit commitments of the applicants.
  • Budget planner – use the income details on file paired with an expenditure breakdown to provide a full affordability calculation.


Target tracking

  • Set individual sales targets for each of your staff members via an easy admin to use admin area and build bespoke reports showing performance against those targets providing core stats and percentage of targets completed in real time reporting or dashboards.

Commission tracking

  • Set individual commission calculations in an easy to use admin area custom-built to your business requirements. Compare sales figures against your commission calculation to work out staff commission payments.

Income and expenditure tracking

  • Automatically store the cost of leads against the incoming source. A case by case fees tracking including all potential inbound fees such as broker fees, proc fees and any other commission as well as any other income sources you may have such as solicitor fees and any external costs associated to an application.

1 Click Document Production & Storage

  • Add your full document suite to ECRM and we will overlay all the relevant information from the application allowing you to create individual documents or document packs at the click of a button.
  • All documents are stored against the application and can be accessed downloaded and shared through the ECRM system.

Introducer Management

Set up and manage Introducers and individual campaigns allowing you to know exactly where each application in your system has come from. Lead purchase price and quality scoring can also be set from this area.

SMS & Email

Automated and manual E-mail delivery

  • ECRM uses an open SMTP service to allow us to send bespoke email content via the CRM. This service allows us to send out emails from your own personal email addresses regardless of your current supplier.
  • ECRM can match your email signatures and styles to ensure brand continuity between your standalone communication tool and those via the CRM systems. Emails can be sent manually, or automated communications can be delivered at set points throughout your process.

Automated and manual SMS delivery

  • ECRM has integrated with AQL one of the leading providers of SMS services in the UK. Not only do AQL provide one of the fastest delivery services we have seen they also provide a real time reply service back to our systems allowing us to store customer communications against each application.
  • SMS can be sent manually, or automated communications can be delivered at set points throughout your process.

Direct To Lender Integrations

Where Lender technology allows ECRM will strive to provide as much integration and minimise the double keying nature of lender portals to ensure that the full application is sent directly to the lender where possible.

Some of these services offer additional functionality such as document retrieval and upload facilities which where possible will also be integrated. Some lenders ECRM has integrated with are Optimum Credit, Shawbrook Bank, Together, Precise Mortgages, 1st Stop group, Evolution Money and Paragon Bank.

At Engaged Resource we do not provide a process for you to adapt to but instead will work alongside you to implement your way of working into our software.

Our project management and development team will assess all areas of your business and work with you to ensure the system is a perfect match for your business culture and requirements.

Engaged Resource will use your current company branding to ensure that all areas of our system look and feel the part within your office and to your parents and clients.

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