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Bespoke CRM Systems

Full Bespoke Reporting Suite

Allowing for custom reports at a high or granular level showing you the data you need to run and manage your business at the click of a button.

Have these customised reports distributed any way you want to who you want when you want; on wall boards around the office, sent to your tablet or phone as an app or on your printer for when you arrive in the morning.

ECRMs report builder allows you to choose your filters and build a unique report showing you exactly the data you want to see.

  • Application tracking reports giving you a case by case breakdown of all applications that meet your request parameters.
  • High level business reporting giving you a grouped breakdown of how your applications are progressing throughout your pipeline of applications.
  • User performance reports showing how each member of your team is performing to your set KPIs and targets.
  • Call performance reports breaking down per user the key stats such as number of attempts, average call time, total call time as well bespoke rules such as number of cases progressed to next stages of application from those calls.
  • Agent fraud identifiers.
  • Customised Dashboards for office wallboards.
  • Introducer performance reports breaking down how successful the leads from each introducer are by monitoring the progression of their cases against all other introducers.
  • Lender/Provider reports breaking down where your sales are coming from and comparing lender spread throughout your business or individual users.
  • Financial reports breaking down income showing you key information such as COA, income received, outstanding income and potential pipeline income.
  • Bonus Calculations

Application Reports

Allows you to have reports breaking down individual record to see a breakdown of the business being run through the system. These reports can be built up showing any fields captured within your bespoke application meaning they can be tailored to your needs and used to create a full suite of reports showing key information for different business processes.

Reports can be used to identify applications in the process that meet certain criteria or have been processed by a certain individual or team. These reports will come as standard with a start and end date filter along with a custom set of filters based on your reporting needs. This allows you to run custom reports as and when you require them.

High Level Business Reports

Build summary reports on how cases are proceeding through the system, Staff performance reports, financial summaries, lender spread reports.

Show numerical or financial summaries with the options to then drill down into these stats by displaying a matching application level report.

Get ready for a new kind of customer success.

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