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Bespoke CRM Systems

27Tec – Mortgage Source (Mortgage, Secured Loans, Bridging Loans)

The Integration to Mortgage Source allows a seamless transfer of the data captured on your bespoke fact find into 27Tecs APIs.

Once combined with all the pre existing filters 27Tec offer through their own standalone service you can benefit from the lenders, packagers, clubs and products you would expect, combined with detailed product criteria and intelligent research logic that 27Tec provides within your own CRM.

Once you have your returned results you have the option to utilise 27Tecs provided documentation options, combining fact find data and that of your chosen plans in 1 click you can download Evidence of research (EOR) documents as well as a European Standardised Information Sheet (ESIS) which can be altered with your own custom fees and broker information. These documents will be stored within the CRM for access throughout the application process.

  • No need for double keying fact find data
  • Discounted rates with 27tec for users of the Engaged CRM
  • Download and store documentation (ESIS, EOR) in 1 click
  • Realtime up to date product results in seconds

27 Tec - Mortgage Apply

The latest addition to 27Tecs services has also been made available via the Engaged CRM. Mortgage Apply allows you to not only source the deals you are looking for but also push the application through to your chosen lenders systems*.

The 27Tec and Engaged systems can coordinate through the application process to feed updates back to your sales and administration teams letting them know as soon as the application has progressed.

*lender panel dependant

iPipeline – Solutions Builder

The Integration to iPipelines solution builder allows a seamless transfer of the data captured on your bespoke fact find into iPipelines APIs. Benefiting from solution builder’s ability to research, quote and compare a client’s protection needs across multiple products. Adding this solution within your CRM makes the process faster and more efficient than ever.

With document production facilities you can retrieve and store documentation such as KFIs from your chosen products and store them within the Engaged CRM.

Other Sourcing Providers

If you require integration to other sourcing providers or third-party tools Engaged are happy to work alongside your existing partnerships to ensure your business can operate as efficiently as possible.

ECRM have no affiliations to any of our integrated partners and does so only to improve the user experience for its clients.

Our Partners

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