Simplicity Through Technology

Bespoke System

We design every Engaged Resource to fit our client’s business. This ensures great operational efficiency.

Data Security

We use the latest data security management protocols. Making sure that your data is backed up regularly at our secure off site facility.

MI Suite

Real time reporting on the MI that you want. Bespoke reports sent to your phone or tablet as and when you require them.


The Engaged Resource Team offer ongoing support ensuring that your bespoke Resource grows and changes with your business.


Key features of the Engaged Resource

Bespoke system – to help your business work smarter & more effectively
Personalised Dashboard – providing a snapshot of what is happening in your business
Detailed reporting in real time – ability to create and save reports
Easily integrates with third party software providers - accountancy / media campaigns / VOiP telephony
Data Management and Security – Off site secure servers, enhanced security protocols
Bespoke Customer Communications suite – Letters, emails, SMS
Dedicated account management – Our team are always available to help
Changes easily made – Ensuring your Engaged Resource grows and changes with your business
Access via your phone, tablet or desktop – Get MI sent to you when you are on the move Any industry, any size

Can we create a bespoke Resource for your business?

Yes, we can!

The Engaged Resource solution is designed to meet your specific business needs. With a proven track record of providing high performance solutions for any business and can grow in scale with your operation. The Engaged Resource supports multiple products, varied office locations, call centres, lead generation, underwriting and processing functions and feature a wide variety of online tools, plug ins and integration partners.

Creating a strong web presence and delivering fast online to offline transactional capability to your clients is paramount. The Engaged Resource is available with quoting engines and full cloud based dialling solutions which enable you the flexibility to transact online, via an online store, over the phone or a mixture of all.

Operational efficiency and regulatory compliance are key considerations when choosing a solution, and Engaged Resource’s workflow/task management, rules engine and compliance controls allows automation/streamlining of day-to-day tasks coupled with tight audit tracking. By deploying an Engaged Resource you will drive performance improvements through lower operational costs and have the ability to report at a granular level across your entire business at the press of a button.


We create for you, because off the shelf products just don’t cut it!

Don’t be tied to your desk!

What our clients say about Engaged

About the team

At Engaged Resource we have endeavoured to build a team of free thinking innovators and creators. To be the best at what we do, the Engaged Resource team don’t just focus on the here and now, but push the boundaries on what might be. The Engaged Resource team work closely with our integration partners to ensure that we offer the latest and bespoke online solutions to our customers.

Malcolm Hudson – Managing Director

Our partners

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